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Owen Jones and the V&A Collections

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V&A Online Journal – Issue no. 1 – Editorial
Christopher Breward
Acting Head of Research, V&A

Owen Jones and the V&A Collections
Sonia Ashmore
Research Fellow, V&A

‘Grand Polychromatist-plenipotentiary’ and perpetrator of bad taste, (1) and, ‘the most learned man, perhaps in all Europe, in Eastern decoration’; (2) Owen Jones gained both notoriety and fame in his day. Yet the sparsity of serious historical attention given to Jones is surprising, considering his role in the history of the decorative arts, design education, and the development of the South Kensington Museum, the continuing success of some of his designs (versions of his wallpaper designs marketed in the 20th century by Laura Ashley), and continuing sales of The Grammar of Ornament. (3) The display and Study Day planned at the V&A by the Collections Department of Word and Image to commemorate the bicentenary of Jones’s birth in 2009 will hopefully start to redress this absence. (4)

For a researcher, it is a delight, but perhaps not a surprise, to discover close links between objects in the V&A collections and the work of a figure so embedded in the foundation and philosophy of the Museum. My recent research has focused on the Museum’s nineteenth century Indian textile collections and this article will focus on apparently unobserved connections between these collections, Jones’s Grammar of Ornament, and his own designs. [Ler mais…]

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