Aesthetic Movement [Movimento Estético] _timeline 1870/1900

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European Revivalism

Henry and Aaron Arrowsmith, in The House Decorator and Painter’s Guide of 1840, observed that “the present age is distinguished from all others in having no style which can properly be called its own.” As such, the nineteenth century was marked by an array of revival styles ranging from the classicism of Greece and Rome to the Renaissance and the later Rococo and Neoclassical styles. Some revivals were ignited by the newfound interest in antiquarianism, which the architect Reginald Blomfield called “collector’s mania.” Other revival styles, such as the Gothic Revival, became linked to national identities. Coinciding with the Romantic movement in literature as seen in the works of Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832), Alexandre Dumas (1802–1870), and Victor Hugo (1802–1885), revivalist designers in the decorative arts also looked romantically to the past to escape the modernity of their industrialized century. [olhar c/olhos de ver…]


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